Birth Centers

A birth center is a safe and secure health care facility that is designed to provide a woman with a home-like environment. This type of health care facility is a common alternative to a typical delivery room in a hospital. A birth center is more personal and allows for comprehensive care and continued maternity services. These facilities are usually much more economical than a hospital.

Who should use a Birth Center?

There are many personal reason that women have for choosing a birthing facility. Some women make this choice because they want to have a child birth that is as natural as possible. This type of healthcare facility allows for a very natural experience while providing the security and availability of professional care. Other women choose this type of facility because it is much less expensive than a going to a hospital.

Birthing centers a viable and economical option for low risk pregnancies. If there are any personal requests for your child birth, make sure you talk with the birth center ahead of time to find out if they can accommodate you. Be sure to read a birth centers policies and guidelines ahead of time as well.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a Birth Center?

Some maternity health insurance plans pay for a birth center and/or midwife services. It depends on the carrier’s policies and exclusions. Make sure to check with your maternity insurance provider before planning on using a birth center. If you do not have maternity insurance, a birth center can be a more economical solution. If you use a combination of maternity insurance coverage and services that reduced delivery expenses, you can minimize the expenses that are related to your prenatal care and the birth of your new child.

If you need more information on Birth Centers, please visit the American Pregnancy Association.