A Doula is a professionally trained individual who provides informational, emotional, and physical support to women during childbirth. They are an advocate that helps promote the birthing experience that a soon to be mother desires. A Doula helps a woman obtain an intimate, empowering, safe, and memorable childbirth experience.

We will go into some detail about a labor Doula here. Keep in mind that there are also antepartum Doulas and postpartum Doulas. These other types of Doulas offer support and encouragement before or after the childbirth experience respectively.

How can a doula help you?

A Doula does not provide medical care. However, they are trained professionals. They provide informational, emotional, and physical support which can increase the probability of a safe and positive child birth experience. Doulas are also educated about the medical side of child labor. They can help you understand the child birth process better, inform you of possible complications, and any make you aware of certain procedures that are necessary to facilitate the birthing process.

A Doula almost always present during the entire childbirth. They provide comfort and help ease the pain of you labor by using relief techniques such as breathing, massage, relaxation, and the use of different laboring positions. A Doula also works with your partner and provides additional support complete with professional care. A Doula’s goal is to help you have an empowering, intimate, memorable, positive and safe childbirth experience no matter what the situation might be.

How does a doula help me reduce my prenatal care expenses?

Using a Doula does not necessarily reduce your childbirth expenses. However, they can provide for a better childbirth experience. In order for someone to become a Doula they must first be an Intern. Doula services are sometimes provided for free when an Intern is providing the services. You may be able to find a “Doulas-In-Training” by getting in touch with a local birth center, Doulas of North America or CAPPA.

For additional information about Doulas, please visit the American Pregnancy Association.