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If you are currently a Maryland resident and you are now pregnant and do not already have maternity health insurance coverage, then you may not be eligible for maternity insurance coverage under an private health insurance plan. Individuals and families who planned on getting pregnant and purchased some type of maternity insurance coverage before they become pregnant made a great decision, while those individuals who waited until they became pregnant are in a very different position and will probably find it to be an economic hardshipwithout maternity coverage. If you are pregnant in Maryland and are fortunate to have a group health insurance plan provided through you or your spousesí employer, now is the right time to inquire about your maternity insurance coverage enrollment options. Many Maryland group health insurance plans usually cover maternity just as they do any other illness. Naturally, people with a pre-existing health condition always want health insurance and people with a pregnancy always want maternity health insurance. We have great options available for maternity health insurance in the state of Maryland. Take a quick moment and let us help you with a maternity insurance quote in Maryland.

If you are not pregnant and you would like to add additional maternity insurance coverage to your Maryland individual health insurance plan, there are quite a few things that you should be made aware of. Most Maryland individual health insurance policies that actually offer a maternity rider (some do not) will allow you some amount of maternity coverage, but at an addition to the standard plan premium. It is common for maternity insurance riders to have a long waiting period of 6 to 12 months before they cover any type of pregnancy costs. Some maternity riders in Maryland can allow 100% to be paid up to a set amount for your pregnancy and delivery after 12 months while other maternity riders only allow for 50% of the benefit paid. On rare occasion, maternity benefits begin immediately without a waiting period. Other Maryland maternity insurance plans pay nothing until the 12 month waiting period has expired. It is good to shop numerous health insurance companies in Maryland and compare the benefits that are offered from each health insurance company. If you allow us to assist you, you will have the opportunity to compare many Maryland maternity insurance plans and maternity benefit options.

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